Welcome to Chef Daniel Garcias 'School where you will learn the proper techniques to create wonderful desserts affordably and in less time than usual. Also I will teach you several of my award winning recipes so you can replicate them at home or restaurant, from mousse cakes, macarons to croissant and sourdough you name it, it's all here.

I can guarantee that if you follow these techniques you will not only save money but will always succeed on dessert and pastry making...



Hi, I’m Daniel

"I have been baking since an early age in my life, I have worked all around the globe from 5 star hotels to Michelin star establishments to learn and practise my craft. I have also given one to one courses and training seminars to employees and managers.

I would love to teach you all the secrets and techniques in baking and cuisine I have learnt throughout the years."

join me on this wonderful quest and learn the trick of the trade!!

Chef Daniel Garcia

I had a lovely time with Chef Daniel's Course learning the techniques on how to make macarons and how to prep my own tower. Thank you

- Jennifer M.

Macaron Classes